Authors: Venkatakrishna Panga, Bhavna Saxena, Debiprasad Banerjee, and Manish Sinha

Abstract: Websites and apps like Match, Tinder, LinkedIn,, etc., use profile pictures to introduce a person to their users. They say a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, and it couldn’t be truer for these websites and apps. Profile…

Q: Can we use AWS services without a subscription, without paying for services, and complete offline mode?
Ans: Yes, We can do this by using localstack. We can use almost all AWS services without payment and complete offline mode, this sounds crazy, right? …

I.Introduction: One of the difficult jobs in the data science domain is to install GPU drivers, AI libraries, and env setup. This is the first step in the process, without the successful setup, we can’t move forward. Need to have patience, and troubleshoot all kinds of errors to complete a…

In this blog, we will understand the concept of RNN networks, different types of networks available and its practical implementation. We also see the performance comparison between RNN and ANN networks.

RNN Network: The idea behind RNNs is to make use of sequential information. In a traditional neural network, we…

Computer vision is one of the interesting and exiting domain in Deep learning space. In this blog we will explore the following computer vision techniques for object detection.

  1. R-CNN
  2. Fast R-CNN
  3. Faster R-CNN
  4. YOLO

Before get started Let’s understand, What is the object detection ? …

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I am a Data Scientist. Interested in learning, exploring, and sharing knowledge.

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